• Dear Spammer

    Yes you.

    You who sits there, in front of you computer, looking at old posts and posting comments on them advertising your payday loans, your online casino, your penile erection products etc, you know who you are.

    Why on earth would I be interested in any of these products? Why do you presume to think that I would be interested?

    The fact that you lack any sort of intelligence at all, is quite honestly, just a sad reflection of your lack of education. Yes you are indeed quite stupid. Did you really think that bombarding me with spam comments and emails would make me rush to see what you are offering?

    The fact that you claim that you have a blog here is quite honestly laughable, because, as most people on my friends list will know, you actually do not have a blog at all, just a sign in name The fact that you have searched my blog and looked at old posts, that no one even looks at anymore, none of which have anything to do with the product you claim to offer, shows us just how stupid you are.
    Then to make it worse you post a comment and I just know you get that message saying that your comment will be moderated, because the truth is, having dealt with the likes of you before, I have in fact made it so that only people on my friend's list can post a comment and the likes of you have to be checked first, something which I no longer do, I just delete you. So no one gets to see what you are advertising anyway, which really does make you look just a bit silly doesn't it.

    Oh I have no doubt at all that there are some people who fall for your pathetic attempts at marketing and buy into what you are offering - I however, am not one of those people so really all you are doing is wasting your time.

    I have no doubt that you are paid a pittance for your attempts at advertising. I have marked you as a spammer and I hope that takes the necessary action to stop you, though there will always be someone else who will come along to replace you. In the meantime your comments and the services you offer will not appear here.

  • Time to move on?

    I know nowhere on the internet is safe nowadays, but recent events have left me rather despondent and annoyed.

    Although I haven't posted for a while, or commented, I do pop in regularly and keep my beady eye on you all, however, recently that hasn't been an option. Not being able to log in or the site being down, has been incredibly annoying, and although I realise that the powers that be have tried to sort it out, communication seems to have been an issue.

    OK so I understand that they have tried to keep us informed on twitter and facebook, but I am not a follower of twitter, and I am selective on who I follow on fb. So not being able to log on, unable to read any messages means that until yesterday I didn't find out what had been going on properly.

    I am in the process of saving my posts to my hard drive. I am in the process of finding another blogging platform. It is a shame as I have felt I have made friends with many people on here, but sadly most of them are now moving on.

    I will keep this going for now though, so not disappearing completely yet. Of course I will keep you informed of where I go, so if you still want to follow you will find me wherever I end up.

  • At last

    I have finally managed to log in, although logging in wasn't so much of a problem, but posting and commenting was! I understand that blog land has been hit by spammers, would have been nice to have had an email, or some form of communication from regarding this!

    Also my card, a rarely used one, has been cloned. It is one I use to pay for my subscription here, flickr and when I purchase anything on the internet, so it all comes from one account. So be warned peeps, not saying the spammers got the details from here, because it could have been from any site, but please check your statements carefully!

  • Happy Birthday to me!

    Thank you to everyone for taking the trouble to wish me happy birthday, both here and on fb. I a truly overwhelmed!

    My day has been good. A bottle of wine from a friend, theatre tickets from another, a cross pendant to add to my collection from my husband and two sons, and gift vouchers from some colleagues at work.

    Unfortunately unable to go out for a meal tonight as I had parent's evening for my youngest son, who seems to be doing well, but we will be going out for a meal as a family tomorrow evening instead.

    Then on Saturday, an evening out with some girlfriends from work, so I am truly being spoilt!

    So for all of you please enjoy a virtual slice of cake or tiffin, made by my own fair hands:))


  • RIP to a much loved friend

    My heart is breaking.

    Yesterday, our beloved greyhound, Laddie, who had been steadily losing weight this week despite eating well, collapsed, gasping for breath.

    We rushed him to the vets, where we made the decision to have him put to sleep. The vet did offer to do tests, but none of us wanted to put him through all that only to find that whatever he had was untreatable, we wanted the best quality of life for him and he has been steadily going down hill since Christmas. He had problems with his back legs, and struggled to move them in order to lay down, recently not wanted to go for a walk, which was so unlike him. Over the last week, he had a few times where he made an awful sound, like he was trying to get his breath. It was like listening to someone having an asthma attack, yet, as quickly as it started, it would go. Although we were concerned by this, he would then act like a puppy, throwing his toys around and run in the garden, so no we weren't unduly concerned.

    Then, at the beginning of the week, I noticed that he was losing weight. Never being a 'fat' dog, he was losing his muscular definition, his ribs were showing, making him look as though he hadn't eaten in weeks. Then on Friday he went off his food, a dog that will eat as though it is going out of fashion.

    We hoped, on Friday, that if this was it, he would go quietly, surrounded by his family, yet Saturday morning, he gobbled up his breakfast, ran round the garden, and was his sprightly self again, until around 4pm, my eldest son let him out and watched him as he collapsed, making that dreadful gasping noise.

    The vet, after listening to his heart, did say it was going far too fast and that she was 90% certain he had heart disease. She offered to do tests, but as difficult as the decision was, we declined and asked that he should be put to sleep. She agreed that we were making the right decision as there was no guarantee he would survive the myriad of tests that they would have to do, and greyhounds metabolisms tend not to cope with the anaesthetic that would be required to enable to do those tests. We didn't think it would be fair to put him through all that.

    Yet I feel this huge sense of guilt today. His brother, Baron, is looking as lost as we feel. We allowed him to sniff his brother and to say goodbye before we buried him with his favourite toy, his pillow and some chew sticks to take with him to Rainbow bridge, where no doubt, he is running around with our other dog, Gazza, while he waits for us to join him.

    RIP Laddie, you were always a faithful friend.

    8th February 2001 - 13th April 2013
    Laddie loved sitting in front of the fire.

    He loved gardening so much, we had no grass left as he kept digging it up!218182_1948956492704_8221536_n

    He loved a pillow to rest his head on.

  • Our weekend away

    Well, hubby and I went away for the weekend, leaving our two children to fend for themselves. Before you report me for bad parenting skills, eldest son, 21, looked after his brother, 14, for the 3 nights we were away for, and I am pleased to say, he did a good job, especially as his brother decided on Saturday, to be ill! Rather than phoning us up and telling us all about it, knowing I would panic, eldest just got on with it all, told his brother to stay in bed and made sure he ate and drank plenty!

    We spent our weekend away at Wyboston Lakes hotel just outside Bedford, about 5 miles from St. Neots. We arrived on Friday, booked in, took our things to the room and unpacked, before setting off to the restaurant for our dinner and a few drinks in the bar.

    Our room was clean and tidy, a safe for our valuables (if we had any), ensuite bath and shower, clean towels that were changed daily, and hairdryer, tea/coffee facilities. The bed was huge! It was lovely and comfotable as well!!

    DSCF4833 Nigel trying the bed out for size!

    The next day we ate a full English cooked breakfast, before heading to St. Neots to have a browse around. It has been a few years since I last visited St. Neots, in fact eldest was a new born, and I used to bundle him into the car, with our dog and drive up there to go and have a walk along the river, marvelling at the river boats, before wandering along the town. We paid to stay for 3 hours, we were back at the car within half an hour! It is disappointing to see the amount of charity shops are on the high street now, though I think that is the way of most high streets nowadays!

    We headed off to Cambridge, another place I haven't been to for quite some time, in fact I think I was a teenager the last time I had been there!! We parked just outside and hopped onto the park and ride that took us into the town. One thing I did notice was the amount of people riding bicycles, there were quite a few of them, as well as the ones that were tied to railings dotted around the town. We even saw a child get run over by a person riding a bicycle, who carried on riding past as if nothing had happened! Fortunately the child was ok, even if the parents were shaken up by the experience!

    I did love Cambridge though, it's variety of architecture, the bustling coffee shops, the people who just stop in front of you to take a picture! Of course, as in any town or high street, you get the same shops, the malls, but go down a side street and you come across one of the many colleges, which form part of the university, or an independent shop with many a curio or distinctive item of clothing! Something different from the norm! Of course I was at one point in seventh heaven when hubby and I found a bookshop called Heffers. Hubby went one way, I went the other, and an hour or two :cough::ahem: of browsing later, we emerged into daylight again, empty handed, but only because I could have spent our entire weekend budget in that one shop:))


    I wish we could have stayed longer in Cambridge, but alas we had to head back to the hotel, but we have promised ourselves to visit again, perhaps in the Summer and spend more time there, sightseeing:))

    Once back at the hotel, we spent an hour in the hotel gym before getting ready for our evening meal, and spending the evening at the bar:))

    Sunday, after another cooked breakfast, we had a wander around the hotel grounds, while avoiding the golfers that were having lessons or just teeing off on the green! DSCF4711DSCF4708

    After this we got in the car, and did something we haven't done for a while, just opened the road map on a page and picked somewhere to visit on that page! Fortunately not too far away was a place called West Stow, which has an Anglo Saxon Village, so off we headed to have a look at the reconstructed buildings, the museum and to take a walk on one of the many nature trails! Of course, we pick a day where they were holding a Lord of the Rings event, though there weren't many children around! We have paid for a year's ticket though, as we hope to take the children back there in the summer holidays as it is something they will be interested in. The ticket will also admit us to the museum in Bury St Edmunds, which bizarrely, hubby and I haven't been to for a while and were talking about visiting sometime this year - so it was a true bargain!


    After our long walk, we returned to the hotel where we took advantage of the health and fitness suite, doing some exercise on the treadmill and the rowing machine, before going for a swim in the pool. Another delicious dinner was consumed before we retired for the evening!

    So now we are home and back to the reality of it all:))

  • Disney Memento

    Our first holiday, to Disneyworld Florida, was in August 2005.

    While there, we purchased some Disney Dollars, as a memento of our first family holiday abroad, to the land of the Mouse. They have sat, in an envelope ever since, until hubby had a brainwave and decided to take them to the local framers to get them framed.

    I picked it up today, and really pleased with the result!


  • Imbolc blessings

    It is raining heavily here today, but that won't stop me from celebrating later!

    Have a good one:))


    Blessed Be x

  • Just one of those mornings!

    I am tired.

    Work obviously doesn't agree with me, or the fact that I have to get up at 5.45 doesn't! Still feel the need to hibernate!

    Ache all over as well, hope I am not coming down with anything, last thing I need!

    Oh well better trudge off to work!

    Have a good day:))

  • Be careful who you sit beside

    A heart warming story to start this New Year and indeed a wise lesson for those inconsiderate people who share their mobile conversations with those around them.

    After a tiring day, a commuter settled down in her seat and closed her eyes as the train rolled out of the station.
    A s the train began the trip, the guy sitting next to her pulled out his cell phone and started talking in a loud voice:
    "Hi sweetheart. It's Eric. I'm on the train. Yes, I know it's the six thirty and not the four thirty, but I had a long meeting.
    No, honey, not with that blonde from the accounts office. With the boss. No sweetheart, you're the only one in my life.
    Yes, I'm sure, cross my heart!"

    Fifteen minutes later, he was still talking loudly, when the young woman sitting next to him had had enough and leaned over and said into the phone,
    "Eric, turn that phone off and come back to bed."

    Eric doesn't use his cell phone in public any longer.

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