It has been very busy!

Hubby's mum was rushed into hospital last night, fortunately she is ok, but they are keeping her in for tests for now. However, hubby and I are very cross with her for various reasons and she is under no illusion whatsoever how cross we are especially as she had been experiencing chest pains for most of the day and failed to tell anyone!! She would try the patience of a saint sometimes!

So once that panic was over, we popped to town this morning before hubby left to go to football, picked up a couple of presents for my eldest son's birthday in the week. Came home, hubby went to football and I went food shopping, which as you know, is extortinate! Not even a full week's shop, just a few bits and pieces we urgently needed and it came to 75!

Came home and started to clean the mould that was growing round the front door in the passage. Obviously drying washing indoors isn't a good idea, but what do you do with clothes that cannot be tumble dried and you can't hang on the line because it is raining? So with soapy water and a little bleach I washed down the walls, door, windows and paintwork in the hallway and cleaned the bathroom. Slight problem, eventough we have been here 13 years, the hallway hasn't been decorated yet and the wallpaper currently up obviously isn't washable as it is now peeling off the wall where I washed it down! So looks like at somepoint the hallway will have to be decorated - great! still waiting for the bathroom to be finished!!

Bathroom cleaned, sat down for a cuppa and some biscuits and opened the post. My car insurance is due to be renewed and the quote has come through from the current provider putting it up by adding an extra 250 a year taking my cost up to 65 per month! I wasn't impressed. Hubby had already cancelled his insurance with them, as well as other insurance we had with them, after they refused to insure my son when he passed his driving test. We both have been long standing customers! So I tried the company that hubby is with now, fully comp, no claims protection, breakdown insurance, legal assistance, all for the same amount as I have been paying this year at 37 a month! So much better than my current provider was quoting me without the breakdown insurance! So phoned them up and told them I won't be renewing, they asked why and I told them. The girl I spoke to did say it was silly my insurance going up so much when I hadn't made a claim but she couldn't quote me the same price I had been given by the other company. Told her I wasn't interested anyway we had already cancelled everything we had with them!

So now finishing my tea and going to declutter the living and dining room, dust and hoover before I settle down with a good book!

Have a good Saturday!!