I know nowhere on the internet is safe nowadays, but recent events have left me rather despondent and annoyed.

Although I haven't posted for a while, or commented, I do pop in regularly and keep my beady eye on you all, however, recently that hasn't been an option. Not being able to log in or the site being down, has been incredibly annoying, and although I realise that the powers that be have tried to sort it out, communication seems to have been an issue.

OK so I understand that they have tried to keep us informed on twitter and facebook, but I am not a follower of twitter, and I am selective on who I follow on fb. So not being able to log on, unable to read any messages means that until yesterday I didn't find out what had been going on properly.

I am in the process of saving my posts to my hard drive. I am in the process of finding another blogging platform. It is a shame as I have felt I have made friends with many people on here, but sadly most of them are now moving on.

I will keep this going for now though, so not disappearing completely yet. Of course I will keep you informed of where I go, so if you still want to follow you will find me wherever I end up.