Yes you.

You who sits there, in front of you computer, looking at old posts and posting comments on them advertising your payday loans, your online casino, your penile erection products etc, you know who you are.

Why on earth would I be interested in any of these products? Why do you presume to think that I would be interested?

The fact that you lack any sort of intelligence at all, is quite honestly, just a sad reflection of your lack of education. Yes you are indeed quite stupid. Did you really think that bombarding me with spam comments and emails would make me rush to see what you are offering?

The fact that you claim that you have a blog here is quite honestly laughable, because, as most people on my friends list will know, you actually do not have a blog at all, just a sign in name The fact that you have searched my blog and looked at old posts, that no one even looks at anymore, none of which have anything to do with the product you claim to offer, shows us just how stupid you are.
Then to make it worse you post a comment and I just know you get that message saying that your comment will be moderated, because the truth is, having dealt with the likes of you before, I have in fact made it so that only people on my friend's list can post a comment and the likes of you have to be checked first, something which I no longer do, I just delete you. So no one gets to see what you are advertising anyway, which really does make you look just a bit silly doesn't it.

Oh I have no doubt at all that there are some people who fall for your pathetic attempts at marketing and buy into what you are offering - I however, am not one of those people so really all you are doing is wasting your time.

I have no doubt that you are paid a pittance for your attempts at advertising. I have marked you as a spammer and I hope that takes the necessary action to stop you, though there will always be someone else who will come along to replace you. In the meantime your comments and the services you offer will not appear here.